About Your Latina Trauma Therapist

Hello and welcome, my name is Yesenia. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I received my Master of Arts degree in Social Work at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) and my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

I’ve been working in the field of social work since 2010 in various roles including: case management, clinical social work for a nonprofit agency, emergency response in child protective services, dependency investigations in child protective services, school based mental health services and mental health services at an outpatient medical clinic.

I am proud to say that I am the daughter of immigrants and laborers. I’ve experienced depression, anger, frustration and anxiety, in part, due to the clash of both my Mexican roots and my American nationality.

Have you ever felt like you are continuously working towards your next achievement? Like that degree, certificate, or training will make you feel accomplished or good enough? Does it feel overwhelming to go on social media and see “everyone” doing so well?

We are often told that college will fix all of our problems. But no one ever talks about the other things you need to get you through the really hard times. The moments where you doubt everything about yourself. You can’t go home and ask your parents about college or work stuff because you want them to be proud and not worry. You don’t want to post about it because everyone believes you are such a success. So who do you turn to?

You cannot do this alone.

When I was in your place, I found therapy. My safe place to be honest about my feelings, receive validation and have someone give me an outside perspective. For the first time, I learned to look at my journey and recognize the challenges. I started to really see my worth by learning to slow down and enjoy the small successes. 

I found a therapist that I connected with, who gave me guidance, support and resources. I want to be that therapist for you.

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